P.O. Box 230
Lyles, TN

In 2004, I had a pasture full of quarter ponies and ready to start my own
registry.  This was the start of the World Wide Web, so a little research
showed me that there already were Quarter Pony Registries.  I registered all
of mine with AQPA, but really wanted to own more than just solid ponies.  
That is when I found IQPA.  However, this registry based out of California
was struggling.  I reached out to the owner to try to help.  

That is how I ended up owning IQPA.com.  But soon after the purchase of the
domain, the IQPA in California went out of business.  After many attempts to
contact, the quarter pony owners decided to create the Quarter Pony
Association to monitor/assist the different Quarter Pony registries so another
registry would not just have to go out of business and all of the ponies papers
be worthless.  HOWEVER, they did not want to be another registry.  

I personally could see that if the QPA tried to get going without at least one
registry affiliated with it, then it would be a huge struggle.  So I took the
domain and created a IQPA based in TN.  We offered free conversions of any
of the CA based IQPA ponies as well as the ponies from the Western Quarter
Pony Registry in Washington that was also wanting to dissolve.

The main advantage of IQPA is that is allowed ponies of all color patterns.  
For many years all registries kept running as they were, but in 2017, the
APPR decided they also wanted to retire their distinct registry and also
folded into IQPA.

With my 2 grown daughters, we are continuing the business best we can since
it is not a money earning venture, but a responsibility to the ponies we love.