Pony Inspection Form


1.  ALWAYS BE PREPARED.  ~  You will never know when or where you may run in to someone needing your services.  It is a good idea to always keep your measurement stick  AND A CAMERA with you along with extra registration & membership applications. 




 Click here to join QPAinspectors
Click to join QPAinspectors


This is a "members only" yahoo group for QPA inspectors.  All changes to rules, regulations, & expectations will be listed there.


3.  BE PREPARED TO BE LEARN ~ There are guidelines as to what is acceptable for a quarter pony and what is not, but don't be afraid to ask for help.  If you feel a pony is questionable, submit the photos to the Inspectors Yahoo Group so everyone can learn if that pony should be passed, and why the pony was accepted or rejected.


4.  DON'T PUT YOURSELF IN DANGER ~ We aren't just talking about going down dark allies here, we mean that if the news is bad (pony being rejected), you do not have to confront the owner yourself.  Go back to the group and inform them of the situation.  The owner can be notified by QPA via mail/email if necessary to keep you out of a bad situation.


5.  DON'T BE AFRAID TO SAY, "I DON'T KNOW" ~ Although you are a representative of the QPA and any affiliated Registries, information is changing daily.  If the pony owners ask you questions, feel free to just tell them to visit the site or call one of the QPA contact numbers.  Everything you can do to help promote the QPA is greatly appreciated, but they only thing you HAVE to do out there is check their pony.


6. BE PREPARED TO DO THIS FOR FREE! ~ QPA inspectors are not allowed to charge for the inspection (at this time).  However, if you are a photographer, you may charge the owners for any photos you take for them.  If you take the registration photos, then the pictures coming to QPA must not be charged to the customer, but you can charge the customer for any photos they receive themselves.


7. YOU ARE NOT ON CALL 24/7.  Pony owners must respect that you are individuals volunteering your time.  You have the right to set up appointments that do not interfere with your life, and you do not have to make house calls.  You can ask people to bring ponies to a central location or to an event where you will already be.  If a person has several ponies to register or no way to transport their ponies, then we would appreciate you helping them out.  But if they are too far from you, or you can not meet their expectations, then you can ask that they just submit their photos to the association to see if they can pass with just a photo inspection.   


 If you think you still might want to be an inspector, send an email to



Quarter Pony Association

P.O. Box 104 ~ Cambridge Springs, PA 16403




International Quarter Pony  Association

P.O. Box 230 ~ Lyles, TN 37098