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The conditions listed below and commonly considered undesirable traits or genetic defects by IQPA shall be indicated on the registration certificate for horses foaled on or after the indicated date, once the condition is known. One or more of these conditions does not prevent a horse from being used as breeding stock or from participating in IQPA-approved events, subject to rules of the individual event:

(1) Notification shall be placed on file of foals descending from the stallion Impressive or any other bloodline determined to carry the HYPP gene.  When the parent(s) tracing from the HYPP line has tested negative for HYPP, the above  notification is not required, and will, instead, be substituted by the designation N/N; or, after testing negative for the gene, the notification may be substituted by the designation N/N upon request of the owner.

(2) Effective with foals born on or after January 1, 2007, all descendants of the stallion Impressive, AQHA registration number 0767246, shall be required to be HYPP tested.  Any foal testing homozygous positive for HYPP (H/H) will not be eligible for registration with IQPA.